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Tuesday, October 3, 2023

Crise à la FBF : Anciens footballeurs et entraîneurs appellent à l’apaisement

The leadership at the Burkinabé Football Federation (FBF) continues to be divided on many decisions going forward and no progress is being made due to a ten-member group of the FBF’s executive committee withdrawing from voting on issues in protest of the actions of FBF president Lazare Banssé. To aid the situation, multiple associations affiliated with the FBF containing former footballers and coaches have called upon the decision makers to resolve their differences by any means necessary to avoid the stagnation of the Burkinabé domestic game as well as the national team.

LeFaso.net has more on the current situation in Burkinabé football as players and coaches attempt to avoid a situation where outside intervention may install a normalization committee, an issue that has plagued fellow West African nations such as Ivory Coast.