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Saturday, September 30, 2023

Stade Mandji confirm their second title in Gabon’s Championnat D1

Port-Gentil side AS Stade Mandji and their supporters celebrated the club’s second domestic league title after a 1-0 victory over US Bitam clinched top honors over the weekend. Alpha Angué Mezui scored the game’s lone goal soon after halftime to give Stade Mandji the victory and clinch top spot in the Championship Stage with thirteen points from five matches, putting them four points beyond and out of reach of nearest competitors Mangasport in the six-team group. 2022 saw a reduced season due to circumstances created by Covid-19, which caused the entire 2021 season to be cancelled.

Stade Mandji will represent Gabon in the 2022-23 CAF Champions League while Mangasport will compete in the 2022-23 CAF Confederation Cup. Video from Sunday’s victory over Bitam is below.

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