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CAF postpones AFCON draw as fears for Cameroon hosting renewed

Questions continue to build around Cameroon’s status as host of the upcoming Africa Cup of Nations following news that the tournament draw, scheduled for June 25, has been postponed with Covid-19 being cited as the reason by CAF. With the tournament already being delayed for a year and Cameroon continuing to face issues related to the Anglophone Crisis that has led to violence within the country, Inside World Football does not paint a rosy picture of the situation in its report on this latest development.

Actu Cameroon has more on the developing situation in its reporting. Citing sources within CAF, the news site reports that the organizing committee of Cameroon has hired a separate consulting company for the tournament that differs from the company FIFA president Gianni Infantino and CAF wish to use, leading to a dispute over how to handle the issue. Multiple departures and layoff from CAF of key figures is also playing a role with the departure of deputy secretary general in charge of football and development Anthony Baffoe among the people who have left in recent times.

In addition, Actu Cameroon reports in the third link below that a committee is being dispatched to Cameroon to aid in resolving the issues and to speed up the resolution in order to make the tournament happen. It is clear that there is action being accelerated in response to the outcry over any doubts that the upcoming tournament may be delayed or moved from Cameroon.

La Can 2022 se jouera bien au Cameroun (Actu Cameroon)


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