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Warriors’ World Cup quest begins

The Namibia national team has continued on an upward trajectory under manager Bobby Samaria, and the coach’s ultimate test begins on Thursday with the Brave Warriors opening up their FIFA World Cup qualifying second round campaign against Republic of Congo. As one of the national teams in Africa forced to host their home matches elsewhere, the Brave Warriors have taken up camp in the South African city of Johannesburg where they will play their home opener at Orlando Stadium.

Samaria indicated in pre-match comments that hosting in South Africa will not be an issue considering the amount of Namibian players who play their club football in the country. The Namibian provides a thorough update on the team news heading into the match, stating that Samaria will have his South African based contingent as well as talented options who are based in Namibian football and abroad in Europe and Africa.

Warriors’ World Cup quest begins (The Namibian)


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