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Suite à l’avancée du chantier de rénovation du Stade du 26 Mars : Le ministre Ag Attaher promet le prochain match des Aigles à Bamako

For Mali, the current qualifying campaign for the 2022 FIFA World Cup is going quite smoothly for Les Aigles, but the team continues to be unable to host home matches due to having an inadequate stadium. The country’s footballing authorities are doing everything possible to complete renovations and have the Stade du 26 Mars ready for hosting duties when the national side is slated to have its next home qualifier against Uganda in November. Aly Poudiougou’s article on MaliWeb reports on the latest as new additions and the process of updating current facilities are high on the priority list so that Mali can not only host what will be an important home match against Uganda, but also the home leg of what would be a massive final round matchup if Les Aigles make it to that stage.


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