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Preview: Cameroon vs. Cape Verde

Group A wraps up at the 2021 Africa Cup of Nations on Sunday and as Burkina Faso and Ethiopia clash for a spot in the final sixteen, Cape Verde will be doing all they can to get a result against hosts Cameroon to boost their knockout stage hopes. Following their defeat to Burkina Faso, Cape Verde are tied for second place on three points, making at least a draw necessary unless Ethiopia can surprise Les Étalons. Cameroon are comfortably at the top of the group on six points and will be hoping to continue building on their form.

Despite having qualification for the Round of 16 secured, Cameroon will be looking for a victory not only to consolidate their position at the top of the group but also to stay in their current location of Yaoundé for the next stage. As noted by Cameroonian media, this matchup has not been favorable to the Indomitable Lions as Cape Verde came out with a road draw and home victory when the teams met in qualifying for the competition and also qualified for the 2013 edition at Cameroon’s expense. Cameroon manager Toni Conceição stated in pre-match comments that he intends to rotate a couple of players into the squad, which will add an element of unpredictability to the Indomitable Lions.

Cape Verde have been struggling with Covid-19 throughout the competition and it appears that manager Bubista has contracted the virus again, meaning that he will have missed every one of his team’s games. Midfielder Nuno Borges is the only player who will be out due to Covid-19 as four players return from isolation to join the squad. Cape Verdean media reports that target forward Júlio Tavares is doubtful for the match and that assistant Humberto Bettencourt will be on the sidelines as acting manager. Bettencourt and team captain Marco Soares stated the team’s intent to come out and play positively to obtain the result they need despite the strength within the Cameroonian selection.

Read more about the match through the links below from international media as well as Cameroonian and Cape Verdean media.

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