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Delort, la genèse du divorce remonte à septembre !

It looks like there is a long way to go until OGC Nice striker Andy Delort returns to the Algeria national team after Fennecs manager Djamel Belmadi stated that he will not revisit the issue on Sunday, repeating that the 30-year-old will not be called back into the national team fold. The French-born striker refused a call-up to the team during 2022 FIFA World Cup qualifying and stated that he wanted to take a year off from representing Algeria to concentrate on his club career, news that was met with an angry response from Belmadi.

Since then Belmadi has not called up Delort and La Gazette du Fennec recaps the relationship between the two in the link below, pointing out that things have not been the same since Delort was left on the bench when Algeria drew 1-1 with Burkina Faso.


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