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FIFA members vote to suspend Zimbabwe and Kenya federations

A vote was taken at the FIFA Congress in Qatar on the issue of suspending the Zimbabwe Football Association (ZIFA) and the Football Kenya Federation (FKF) with FIFA’s member nations voting overwhelmingly to confirm the suspensions on Thursday. 199 of the 201 member nations voted “yes” to suspending the governing bodies along with Pakistan due to “third party interference” following the intervention of the governments of Zimbabwe and Kenya to investigate the misappropriation of funds by ZIFA and the FKF.

While ignoring some of the other instances of government interference by footballing associations in more prominent footballing nations such as England, FIFA declared that ZIFA and the FKF will be reinstated immediately once the previous regimes are brought back into power. The Herald has more on ZIFA’s case while The Standard reports on Kenya’s situation below.

FIFA Congress seal ZIFA’s fate (The Herald)


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