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Scouting Report

Adem Zorgane

Position: Central Midfield
Current Club: Paradou AC (Algeria)
DOB: 6 January 2000
Birthplace: Sétif, Algeria
Height: 184 cm (6’0)
Weight: 76 kg (168 lbs)


Club (Years)LeagueAppearancesGoals
Paradou AC (2018-)Algerian Ligue 1455
Algeria U-20 (2019)Africa U-20 Cup of Nations31
Algeria "B" (2020)African Nations Championship20

Player Description

Adem Zorgane is an intelligent and technically-skilled central midfielder who likes to sit deeper in a #6 role in order to see more of the ball. Acts as a playmaker and has advanced passing skills that can serve to maintain possession or provide incisive balls to break down opposing defenses. Zorgane’s technique and composure on the ball, whether he is given time or is under duress, suggests a move to higher levels is imminent. However, scouts will be highly concerned about his significant lack of speed and athletic ability.

General Pros and Cons


[plus_sign_fusion_icon] Excellent technique and possesses a very good first touch. Calm on the ball and assured when working in traffic.

[plus_sign_fusion_icon] Superb passer with a remarkable completion rate. Knows when to go short and when to be more ambitious. Precise with the weight he puts on passes..

[plus_sign_fusion_icon] Has a high level of confidence that is apparent in his play and the demeanor of a playmaker. Vision is incredibly advanced for his age. Strong with his weaker left foot and confident when passing with it.


[minus_sign_fusion_icon] Substantial lack of pace. Struggles to keep up when the match is more open. Stocky build limits his reaction time.

[minus_sign_fusion_icon] Weak at tackling and loses too many duels. Takes poor angles that lessen his chances of winning the ball without fouling. Forced to foul when beaten for pace and will likely be prone to yellow cards at higher levels of play.


+ Strong build that allows him to hold the ball well and gives him an edge in close quarters.

– Needs several strides to reach full speed and lacks in reaction speed. Prone to chasing shadows when the pace of play is high.

– Very limited vertical. Only wins headers against diminutive players he can muscle off.

– Fades as the match wears on. Passing quality and work rate suffers by the late stages.


+ Sublime technique and comfort with the ball at his feet. Receives the ball with a quality first touch that helps him escape pressure and maintain possession.

+ Excels at passing, short and long. Weights passes properly and has the ability to split open defences.

+ Very good with his weaker left foot. Still capable of hitting long accurate passes.

– Tackling lacks intelligence and needs substantial improvement. Comes off second best far too much for a player at his position and is prone to committing fouls.


+ A step ahead of his peers in anticipating and knowing where to be.

+ Great footballing instincts. Appears to have put in plenty of practice to master his first touch and technique to compensate for limited pace.

– Consistency can be improved before moving on to next level. Can really control the game for stretches but isn’t as influential over 90 minutes as he could be.


+ Generally positions himself well on both sides of the ball. Adds composure and finishing ability when going forward.

+ Eager to be the main distributor out of the back. Is always making himself available as a short option to contribute to possession.

– Tries to take on too much responsibility at times. Needs to find ways to contribute when he doesn’t have the ball.

Statistical Analysis

All rankings are from midfield players in the 2019-20 Algerian Ligue Professionnelle 1 with 2/3 of the season completed (20-22 matches).

Let’s take a look at Zorgane’s passing numbers:

PlayerPasses/90 MinutesAccuracy %
C. Harrag60.8782.62
O. Chita54.8189.19
A. Zorgane53.9288.66
A. Bouchiba53.8184.51
T. Hamoudi51.8385.75
A. Tahri50.5585.37
H. Selmi46.9783.26
R. El Moudene45.5788.65

Zorgane executes the technical requirements of a deep-lying midfielder (#6) very well. He is heavily involved in his team’s efforts to maintain posession and does so very efficiently. What separates Zorgane from his midfield peers in the Algerian Ligue 1 is his ability to penetrate defenses. Here are his deep completion numbers:

PlayerDeep Completions/ 90 Minutes
L. Tabti1.89
O. Benkouider1.84
A. Zorgane1.33
A. Kaibou1.32
A. Djahnit1.32
S. Bennai1.24
A. Bounoua1.2

Deep completions measures when a player completes a pass that is received within 20 meters of the opponent’s goal line. The two players that are ahead of Zorgane are attacking midfielders who spend more time in the opposition half. In fact, the majority of the players on the list are either wide midfielders or sit higher up.

While Zorgane is amongst the best in the league in efficient passing and maintaining possession, he is always aspiring to make an incisive pass to set up attackers. This is why he is the only name to show up on both lists and why he is destined to end up on a club of higher prestige.

Evaluation: Ready to move on, but a luxury player at the moment.

Zorgane is a player that is capable of turning heads with the passes he makes and his intelligence on the ball. His technical skill is beyond the players at the level he currently plays at and would be welcomed by the majority of managers. If measured by only his footballing ability, Zorgane would already be in European football.

However, in the modern era, many high-level managers require players who are not only technically skilled, but can hold up to the increasingly physical demands of modern football. The physical department is where Zorgane falls significantly short of the standard. He will require the presence of a dedicated ball-winner to cover for his physical shortcomings. For this reason he will be considered a luxury player and not appealing to a team in Europe’s top 4 leagues. If a manager knows what he is getting though, and can accommodate him properly, Zorgane could be a key piece to teams that emphasize possession.