Sunday, May 19, 2024

Scouting Report

Alieu Fadera

Position: Left/Right Winger Current Club: FK Pohronie (Slovakia)
DOB: 3 November 2001
Birthplace: Fajara, Gambia
Height: 186 cm (6’1)
Weight: 80 kg (176 lbs)


Club (Years)LeagueAppearancesGoals
Real de Banjul (-2020)GFA League First DivisionNANA
FK Pohronie (2020-)Slovak Fortuna Liga276
Gambia U-20Youth National TeamNANA

Player Description

Alieu Fadera is a wide midfielder/forward who operates as a pacey dribbler with high acceleration on either flank. Utilizes excellent dribbling and fearlessness to consistently run at defenses. Always capable of making a big individual play but still improving consistency and decision-making.

Much work to do on tactical, defensive and physical aspects. Promising frame with decent size but much development to do in order to physically compete at the next level. Needs to work more to contribute on the defensive end.

General Pros and Cons


+ Excellent dribbler already. Glides with the ball and accelerates to top speed rapidly to break away from defenders.

+ Always capable of making a big play. Aspires to be impactful with both feet.


– Needs to continue to work on service in the final third and getting teammates involved.

– Naive tactically. Minimal impact on the defensive end.

– Very lightweight despite decent size. Little to no lower body strength.


+ Extremely quick to reach top speed with or without the ball. Increases speed over long distances.

– Very lightweight. Promising frame but in need of further strength development to make an impact in physical duels.


+ Very good dribbler who escapes defenders with ease. Extremely dangerous on the counter or when isolated in open space.

– Average at best when it comes to finishing with poor power on shots from distance. Fails to test goalkeeper often.

◊ Attempts to make plays with both feet and isn’t afraid to shoot or cross on either foot. However, doesn’t strike the ball powerfully on either foot and still has work to do with consistency on left-footed crosses and shots.


+ Grows into the game. Has scored the majority of his goals late in matches.

– Carelessless on the defensive end leads to yellow cards.


+ Adds value to his team’s attack by moving the ball forward with pace, opening up the game and creating matchup problems for opposition defense.

– Adds little value to team on the defensive end outside of being a help defender. Fails regularly to track advancing opposition full-backs and doesn’t win the ball often enough in advanced areas.

– Decision-making and vision is a work in progress. Opts for the high risk pass or dribbles into cul-de-sacs often.

Statistical Analysis

Rankings are from the current 2020-21 Slovak Fortuna Liga season from a group of 51 wide midfielders and forwards who played a minimum of 500 minutes:

Offensive Duels/9017.545th
Progressive Runs/903.067th

The immediate skill that sticks out for Fadera is his fearlessness on the dribble. Engaging in a high amount of attacking duels and dribbling attempts, the winger covers plenty of ground to advance the ball forward for Pohronie. The video below highlights his primary contribution to the club:

Fadera’s final ball lacks consistency and is the area he will need to focus on the most in order to move on to a higher level. A fearlessness to attempt highlight plays and dribbling ability creates plenty of shooting opportunities, but Alieu’s shots noticeably lack technique and zip, particularly on his less favored left foot:

Shots on Target34.29%36th

Oum Gouet is capable of bringing more on the defensive end as seen by his percentage on defensive duels, but his ability to win the ball is clearly still a work in progress. There seems to be a notable effort ongoing this season to be more involved in that department, but he still needs some support from his midfield partners. This will be an area worth watching this season because it will be necessary for Oum Gouet to be more influential on the defensive end if he wants to move to a bigger club.

Evaluation: More time at current level will help but potential makes Fadera worthy of move to a higher level.

Alieu Fadera has done excellently to adjust quickly to European football, making several highlight plays to emerge as a notable talent in the Slovak top division. Helping Pohronie stay away from relegation in mid-table suggests that Fadera is certainly talented and explosive enough for a move to the next level. There are questions about the winger’s consistency and ability to involve his teammates when moving to a higher level, but Fadera’s big play ability and natural dribbling skill makes him worthy of a higher level club to try and make him into a star.

At this point it is best for Fadera to continue at Pohronie or be transferred to a higher level club and sent on loan. Further game time will allow him to develop more in the areas of crossing and shooting.