Monday, March 4, 2024

Scouting Report

Goodman Mosele

Position: Central Midfield
Current Club: Baroka F.C. (South Africa)
DOB: 18 November 1999
Birthplace: Klerksdorp, South Africa
Height: 176 cm (5’9)
Weight: 67 kg (147 lbs)


Club (Years)LeagueAppearancesGoals
Baroka F.C. (2017-)South African Premier Division490

Player Description

Goodman Mosele is a smooth and composed central midfielder who is a reliable outlet and distributor out of the back. Avoids trouble thanks to a very good first touch and an emphasis on playing the ball quickly. His anticipation, calmness, and intelligence on the field gives him a sense for where the ball is going to end up.

One main concern about Mosele is whether he can physically keep up at a higher level and pace of play. His ability to win the ball in midfield through physical duels is underwhelming, particularly when the quality of the competition rises. However, there is reason to believe that Mosele will improve in this area with experience, and his touch and decision-making on the ball is very difficult to teach.

General Pros and Cons


[plus_sign_fusion_icon] Very smooth on the ball. Calm first touch and looks to play the ball quickly. Rarely caught in possession.

[plus_sign_fusion_icon] Anticipation is at an advanced level. Knows where the ball is going to be and contributes a high level of interceptions and recoveries.


[minus_sign_fusion_icon] Underwhelming on the physical end. Loses too many physical duels for a central midfielder and lacks pace over longer distances.

[minus_sign_fusion_icon] Needs to improve ball-winning skills for the next level. Still figuring out when to be aggressive and go into challenges with force.


+ Has a deceptive burst to him over short distances that allows him to escape pressure and complete short passing combinations.

– Below average athleticism and ability in the air. Questions arise about whether he can be impactful at a higher level that is quicker and more physical.

– Average speed over longer distances. Influence wanes as the match opens up.


+ Confident first touch and gets the ball off his feet very quickly.

+ Very good with both feet to the point where it is difficult to tell which foot Mosele prefers. Comfortable distributing to either side which contributes positively to his value in the middle of the park. Prefers to shoot from distance with his right.

– Below average dribbler. Poses little threat when dribbling at defenders, preferring to advance the ball through passing combinations.

– Must improve his ball-winning. Adequate at disrupting and intercepting through good positioning, but lacks intimidation on his tackles. Plenty of work to do when it comes to winning duels and physical battles.


+ Very calm on the ball, even under duress. Methodical and composed.

+ Keeps things as simple as possible. Won’t get caught taking unnecessary risks or trying to be flamboyant.


+ Anticipates where the ball is going to end up on the defensive end, allowing him to be in the right spot for interceptions.

+ Rarely gets caught trying to do too much and stays out of trouble with the ball. Sticks to his strengths and plays with a “pass and move” mentality.

– Needs to be more assertive when pushing forward. Shows the potential to develop into more of a threat in the attacking third, but hesitates to stray out of his comfort zone.

Statistical Analysis

Rankings are from the 2019-20 South Africa Premier Division season. Includes all central midfielders who played a minimum of 400 minutes:

Defensive Duels Won %: 46.88% (78th)
Attacking Duels Won %: 41.38% (50th)
Passing Accuracy %: 82.65% (46th)

Mosele’s numbers show some of the areas where he needs improvement going forward. The attacking and defensive duel percentages indicate that Goodman often comes out second best when he either tries to put a challenge in or is trying to take on a defender going forward. Mosele understands his disadvantage in these types of duels by trying to play quick at all times, but he will need to be a bit more efficient with his urgent style of play to make scouts and coaches overlook his deficiencies on duels.

Mosele’s positioning and nose for the ball really comes out in the statistics. Recoveries and interceptions are defensive numbers that emphasize winning the ball through positioning rather than tackles. Here’s how Goodman rates:

RankingPlayerInterceptions/90 Mins
1R. Johannes8.15
2R. Rae7.7
3G. Mosele6.92
4S. Mbhele6.63
5T. Mokeke6.43
RankingPlayerRecoveries/90 Mins
1W. Maluleke16.26
6D. Furman11.17
7T. Monare10.74
8G. Mosele10.67
9R. Putsche10.38
10S. Phiri10.3

Baroka F.C. have proven to be a very difficult team to break down this season in South Africa, but goals have been hard to come by. Mosele contributes to both factors because of his discipline. He takes up great positions and maintains tactical discipline to earn interceptions and recoveries. However, he needs to figure out how to impact the match more when he gets forward.

Evaluation: Scandinavia is the ideal destination.

There is a natural skill to Mosele’s game that suggests he can progress to a high level, but experience and playing time at this stage of his career is a must. At this point faster and more physical leagues are too steep of an adjustment for a player of Mosele’s build. If Goodman can move to a level that will keep him on the field while he acclimates to a higher speed of play, then a league like Belgium or Portugal is more achievable.

A league like Sweden or Denmark seems like the best fit for Mosele at this stage. The standard of play and day to day requirements will sufficiently challenge him and better him as a player. A countryman of a similar age at the same position, Luke Le Roux, is progressing steadily in Sweden. With a good amount of professional experience already under his belt, Goodman Mosele could find success in a league like Sweden’s very quickly.