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Scouting Report

Ibrahim Adel

Position: Left/Right Wing
Current Club: Pyramids F.C. (Egypt)
DOB: 24 April 2001
Birthplace: Egypt
Height: 173 cm (5’8)
Foot: Right


Club (Years)LeagueAppearancesGoals
Pyramids FC (2018-Egyptian Premier League273
Egypt Under-20 (2020)Youth National Team11

Player Description

There are not too many players in Egyptian football who establish themselves at an early age as a force in the top division, but Pyramids FC’s Ibrahim Adel has done excellently to earn substantial playing time on merit in a team known for spending big on domestic and foreign talent. Adel’s ability on the dribble sticks out immediately and is comparable to the Egyptian Premier League’s top attackers. Possessing plenty of tricks that help him to navigate tight spaces and keep aggressive defenders at bay, Adel also is tactically astute with his intelligent runs off the ball and contributes his fair share on the defensive end.

Adel still has plenty of developing to do when it comes to picking out a pass and providing quality crosses. Noticeably lacking a left foot, the young winger needs to lessen his attempts at using the outside of his favored right foot because defenders have already figured out that he is not a threat at all when forced to go left.

General Pros and Cons


+ Possesses all the physical qualities of an inside forward or attacking winger. Quick acceleration to get away from defenders and burst into space.

+ Already has established himself as one of the best dribblers in the Egyptian Premier League. Excellent at escaping from pressure and a threat to get by multiple defenders with progressive runs. Very good first touch.

+ Is showing signs of developing an eye for goal with smart runs in the final third to run onto service from playmakers.


– Only uses his left foot for standing. Would rather use the outside of his right foot than his left foot and this significantly impacts his ability to score and provide quality service to fellow attackers.

– Very slight physical profile at this point. Will not get some of the foul calls that he currently receives at higher levels that are more physically demanding.

– Below average crosser of the ball which is only highlighted more by his poor ability with the left foot. Needs more precision to pick out targets in the final third.


+ Very good sprinting ability over short distances to create distance between him and opposing defenders.

+ Combination of diminutive size and above average vertical leap allows him to sneak into the box to get his head on aerial balls.

– Very slight at his young age. Lack of physical strength means he can be muscled off the ball easily if defenders can get a challenge on him.


+ Excellent dribbler who has already proven himself as one of Egypt’s best when on the run with the ball at his feet.

+ Operates well in tight spaces with his smooth control and ability to improvise with defenders closing him down.

– Lacks precision on his passing. Better when on the receiving end of combination play rather than when he attempts to initiate attacks.

– Average to below average crosser of the ball. Crosses to a general area with floating services rather than seeking out targets with whipped crosses.

– Has no ability on his left foot. Does all he can to avoid using his left and this prevents Adel from making the maximum impact on opportunities. The video below highlights how defenders can limit Adel followed by a few examples of what happens when he tries to use the left.


+ Eager to contribute to team defensive scheme with attempts to win the ball and start counter attacks.

– Needs to be less reliant on going down in hopes that the referee will whistle for fouls.


+ Makes intelligent runs to sneak behind the defense and benefits when there are playmakers who can pick him out. Moves well off the ball for his age. Below is a video of his goals that displays the eye for goal he is in the process of developing.

+ Stays aware of teammates and does well to keep himself from trying to dribble out of every situation. Picks the right moments to display his skill with the ball.

+ Puts in his fair share of defensive work and ranks highly among attacking wide players in engaging opposing ball handlers (6th out of 61 eligible wide players in Defensive Duels/90)

– Vision is average at this point and still developing his ability to execute ambitious passes that can unlock defenses.

Statistical Analysis

Rankings are from the current 2020-21 Egyptian Premier League season and includes 61 players who primarily play on either the left or right wing with 400 or more minutes played:

Let’s take a look at the areas Adel specializes in, more specifically his dribbling and attacking ability:

Successful Attacking Actions/90 Minutes6.23rd
Successful Dribbles (%)63.41%6th
Offensive Duels/9011.7428th
Offensive Duel Win %56.94%1st
Progressive Runs/902.938th

Adel’s ability on the dribble ranks at the highest level in the Egyptian Premier League. Not only does Adel come out victorious the majority of the time when he engages defenders in attacking and dribbling duels, but based on the attacking duels per 90 minute numbers, he picks his moments to attack selectively. This ensures that his success rate remains high and shows that he doesn’t dribble at defenders just for the sake of it. Below is a video highlighting his burst of acceleration and the danger he is when attacking off the dribble.

Ibrahim’s weakness is that he is still working on his vision and ability to provide end product in the final third. Here is a chart showing how he compares to his fellow wingers at crossing and forward passing:

Cross Accuracy (%)25%T-43rd
Pass Accuracy (%)76.26%40th
Forward Passes/905.8744th
Forward Pass Accuracy (%)50%55th

Evaluation: Has the talent to succeed in a 2nd-tier European league (Portugal, Switzerland, etc.) but needs another season of regular time in Egypt to work on noticeable weaknesses

A player in the same league who Adel plays similarly to is Zamalek’s Moroccan winger and current top scorer in the Egyptian Premier League, Achraf Bencharki. Adel brings the same characteristics: a preference to cut inside in order to run at the defense and go for goal. However, Ibrahim lacks the consistency and devastating instincts in the penalty area that Bencharki has spent years to develop as well as the capability to switch up his approach and move out wide to deliver a precise cross. These are all traits that will develop with consistent playing time, and Pyramids’ regular participation in CAF club competition will only aid Adel’s development in this regard.

Adel’s talent on the ball is impossible for scouts from abroad to ignore but the lack of a left foot and consistent vision is too obvious at this point to suggest that he is currently ready to make the big move. If Ibrahim can maintain the regular role he is developing into at Pyramids, he will be able to make the breakthrough in his game that will allow him to find success abroad.