Monday, March 4, 2024

Scouting Report

Samuel Oum Gouet

Position: Defensive Midfield/Central Midfield
Current Club: SCR Altach (Austria)
DOB: 14 December 1997
Birthplace: Cameroon
Height: 185 cm (6’1)
Weight: 76 kg (167 lbs)


Club (Years)LeagueAppearancesGoals
APEJES Academy (-2017)Elite One CameroonNANA
SCR Altach (2017-)Austrian Bundesliga774
Cameroon U20, U23, 'B' (2017-2019)Youth National and 'B' Teams91
Cameroon (2019-)Senior National Team30

Player Description

Samuel Oum Gouet is a defensive-minded central midfielder who operates as a #6 or #8. His physical attributes range from below average to adequate generally, with decent quickness and speed over distance. Average to below average jumping ability and upper-body strength makes Oum Gouet less of an aerial threat than his tall frame suggests. Average strength in the tackle and generally isn’t very assertive; a below-average destroyer.

Facilitating and moving the ball with line-breaking passes and square balls out wide is where Oum Gouet is at his best. Adequate passing range with the right foot but subpar with his weaker left. Doesn’t deviate from his strengths and takes few risks on the ball.

General Pros and Cons


+ Passes the ball quickly and maintains high accuracy when moving the ball to playmakers.

+ Stays involved regularly in build-ups without taking risks or improvising. Reliable outlet.

+ Plays deep-lying role calmly with consistency across 90 minutes from match-to-match. Few yellow cards or reckless challenges.


– Needs to be more impactful with his tackling and ability to cut attacks out. Lacks an edge at times.

– Is tactically astute moving forward with the ball, but can lose his man when play breaks down and switches possession quickly. Doesn’t possess the speed to overcome marking mistakes.

– Lacks confidence on the dribble and poses little threat in the final third.

– Subpar left foot.


♦ Strong build that allows him to hold the ball well and gives him an edge in close quarters.

– Below-average to average vertical. Underwhelming in the air and loses more aerial duels than he should.

– Average strength in the tackle and doesn’t have the lower-body strength to be a force at higher levels.


+ Good passer when facing forward. Weights square passes well to the wings and has fairly good passing range when given time.

♦ Inconsistent tackling technique and success rate.

– Poor when on the ball for an extended period. Uncomfortable when dribbling forward and not confident at playing himself out of trouble.

– Little threat on shots from long range, particularly on his weak left foot. Not much of a threat in the opposition box.


+ Calm disposition with little to no moments of recklessness. Few yellow cards keeps him out of the referee’s book.

+ Understands role well and doesn’t deviate. Reliable 90-minute player and stays free of injuries.

– Needs to assert himself more on the defensive end. Has to develop more of an appetite to win the ball and be more involved at shutting down attacks.


+ Contributes positively to the buildup and moves the ball forward with urgency when he has time to look forward. Willing to drop back into the back line to carry and distribute from the defensive third.

+ Very good completion rate on passes. Knows limitiations and makes the right decision while still occasionally aspiring for more.

– Has too many moments when he loses his man as the game opens up. Can get caught wandering when the opposition counters effectively.contribute when he doesn’t have the ball.

Statistical Analysis

Passing and tackling are two important statistical categories to look at regarding Oum Gouet. His stats from last season and this season were considered (30 matches from the 2019-20 season and 9 from the current season). The rankings are drawn from a pool of central midfielders who played a qualifying amount of minutes (last season: 74, this season: 41). Let’s look at Oum Gouet’s passing:

StatisticLast season Amount (This Season)Last Season Ranking (This Season)
Passes/90 Mins49.48 (45.17)8th (11th)
Pass Completion %85.01% (81.23%)8th (10th)
Avg. Pass Length (m)20.66 (21.76)9th (2nd)
Progressive Passes/909.24 (8.81)9th (9th)
Progressive Pass Completion %79.82% (78.48%)10th (8th)
Deep Completions/900.73 (0.56)37th (31st)
Final Third Passes/9010.05 (9.48)7th (7th)
Final Third Pass %72.58% (62.35%)13th (20th)

Oum Gouet isn’t the type of player to stand out on highlight films, but the statistics show that his strengths are very consistent. Samuel’s amount of passes and completion rate show how willing he is to get involved and his effectiveness at moving the ball. The final third passing, progressive passing, deep completions, and pass length show how efficient he is going forward until he gets to the final third. Oum Gouet shuttles the ball forward and dutifully get the ball to the playmakers on his team, but struggles when further up the field and is forced to create opportunities himself.

Here is how Oum Gouet compares to his peers on the defensive side of the ball:

StatisticLast season Amount (This Season)Last Season Ranking (This Season)
Defensive Duels/906.24 (7.70)46th (12th)
Duels Win %62.34% (63.77%)11th (10th)
Aerial Duels/903.69 (1.00)21st (T-39th)
Aerial Win %49.45% (44.44%)30th (25th)
Interceptions/904.01 (3.57)49th (29th)

Oum Gouet is capable of bringing more on the defensive end as seen by his percentage on defensive duels, but his ability to win the ball is clearly still a work in progress. There seems to be a notable effort ongoing this season to be more involved in that department, but he still needs some support from his midfield partners. This will be an area worth watching this season because it will be necessary for Oum Gouet to be more influential on the defensive end if he wants to move to a bigger club.

Evaluation: Solid player at this level, but unlikely to excel in a bigger league.

Samuel Oum Gouet has shown steady improvement in his time transitioning from African to European football, but does not have the combination of physical and technical tools to succeed in a top-four European league. He has carved out a niche as a capable defender who does well to move the ball quickly to playmakers without taking big risks. Oum Gouet does many things that managers like, and could be an important tool for a better club in Austria or a league around that quality such as Sweden, Belgium, or Ligue 2 in France. However, his potential ceiling is very limited and he is likely close to his peak at this point in his career. If Oum Gouet wishes to continue adding to his international appearances with Camerron and move to a bigger club, this season is a crucial time for him to make his statement.