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Crise à la FBF : Bertrand Traoré et Aristide Bancé sortent de leur silence

Former Burkina Faso national team legend Aristide Bancé appeared to be an excellent addition to the staff of Les Étalons for the 2021 Africa Cup of Nations when he signed on as team manager, but the 37-year-old is now out after his relationship with star player Bertrand Traoré became fractured. Bancé recommended manager at the time Kamou Malo to ease Traoré back into the team after the Aston Villa attacker came back from a lengthy injury, advice that apparently enraged Traoré when he learned of Bancé’s advice. has more on the dispute including Traoré’s words on the situation, which led to the end of Bancé’s spell just before the Stallions’ 3-0 friendly defeat to Belgium. Traoré declined to go into specifics on the case to avoid disparaging the former striker’s name while Bancé detailed what happened in a Facebook Live post.


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